A decentralized platform to expand the art market and benefit all actors


How it works?

Arteïa is a technology platform set to expand the art market to empower collectors and ultimately benefit to all actors in the sector. It aims to bring more transparency and liquidity to the market, which allows new participants to enter and gives existing participants new opportunities to share, lend and sell.

This platform links a collection management system to a matching platform supported by a provenance tracker on the blockchain and provides an entire palette of powerful, ultra-secure and intuitive cataloguing tools that facilitate inventory, visualisation, logistics, financial optimization and ability to share collections.

Match with the best collectors on the art market to seamlessly discover buyers and sellers
Remain pseudo anonymous while at the same time being KYC/AML compliant
Facilitate lending of artworks to art exhibitions using smart contracts
Showcase your collections and reap rewards from community votes
Easily contribute to artwork knowledge database or consult artwork provenance details

Learn more about the project

Our existing product - Arteïa Collect

Arteïa, the ultimate cataloguing solution to manage your art collection

  • A comprehensive cataloguing solution
  • Keep track of your collection
  • Generate all necessary documents
  • Share your collection
  • Security and confidentiality of your data

Art collection cataloguing software Arteïa on tablet

How does ARTK token work?

  • On the Arteïa blockchain platform, anyone is able to access basic information about an art piece. ARTK token users can obtain more intricate details on artworks of their choice. Additionally, the tokens will circulate back to their respective owners after constructive contributions to the artwork provenance knowledgebase.
  • Allows the creation of public and private showcases, that collectors may organize online in order to exhibit their pieces and present them to a wider audience. This creates various reward schemes, as showcases can be put under vote and in result ARTK can be fuelled back to showcase creators as rewards.
  • Implements a market discoverability service by matching interested parties.
  • Extends Arteïa Collect subscription service. In addition, any new monthly or yearly subscriptions paid by fiat currency will come with a fair share of ARTK tokens granted to the subscriber.
  • Drives artwork lending features, greatly enhancing the ability and interest of both curators and artists to submit their work

Our team

Philippe Gellman CEO of Arteïa
Philippe Gellman Co-founder & CEO

After graduating with a master’s degree in management from Paris Dauphine University, Philippe Gellman mainly worked in France in the financial markets. In 1997, after working for several major banks (Crédit Lyonnais, Société Générale), he founded Bourse Direct, which was the first independent online broker to be listed on the Paris stock exchange. He remained at the head of the company for 7 years and then went on to found and direct companies and invest in numerous sectors including the fashion and healthcare industries and several start-ups.

His experience in creating companies, financing packages, business plans and mobilising teams of experts is only equalled by his passion for contemporary art.

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Marek Zabicki CTO of Arteïa
Marek Zabicki, PhD Co-founder & CTO

Marek Zabicki, Ph. D. in control & optimization of decentralized systems, has more than three decade’s experience in developing complex information retrieval systems, modelling financial derivatives and developing art management platforms.

After a short period of academic career at the Polish Academy of Science, he moved into a start-up world and across the time participated or himself launched eight technology start-ups, among the others he was CTO of CEDROM, the company that developed French first CD-ROM, CTO of the GL Trade, world leader in the financial software. He was the founder of Lex Media and Neurosoft, the company behind Musnet and GCOLL/2 art management systems. During the last 3 years Marek is focused on applying blockchain, smart contracts and crypto economics to diverse real-life problems. He is currently a co-founder and the CTO of the ARTEIA SA.

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Olivier Marian CSO of Arteïa
Olivier Marian Co-founder & CSO

Holding a computer engineer diploma (EISTI), a Master of Computer Science (Florida Institute of Technology) and Master of Business Administration (Sciences Po Paris), Olivier Marian is an entrepreneur and an investor. After working at Marvin Software (Reuters) and Microsoft, Olivier Marian co-founded e-marketing start-up Endromis in 1998.

For some ten years, Olivier Marian has been investing in various, mainly technological companies. As he was born into a family of art collectors, when he couldn’t find a satisfactory solution on the market he quite logically created his own tool for managing the collection. He joined Arteïa at its creation as a shareholder and was directly involved in its development, applying his IT expertise and knowledge of the art market.

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Reine-Marie Fontaine Taittinger co-founder of Arteïa
Reine-Marie Fontaine Taittinger Co-founder

Reine-Marie Fontaine Taittinger was the director of Heal Fashion, a company working in the fashion sector and a children’s furniture design company. She is the founder of the Thaillywood foundation and Thaillywood Artist Residency, which offers residencies to artists from the young Asian scene. She is also a founding member of the Tokyo Art Club. Reine-Marie Fontaine Taittinger has been collecting contemporary art for more than 20 years.

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Hugues Taittinger co-founder of Arteïa
Hugues Taittinger Co-founder

Hugues Taittinger holds a master’s degree from HEC. After 22 years working in the family business, this entrepreneur and collector became the chairman of IP/Nexia, a telecommunications solutions provider in Belgium. He is also a founding member of the Tokyo Art Club and Thaillywood Artist Residency.

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Development team

Arteïa has a team of 20 IT professionals, who have been working on the development of the platform for the last two years.

The Advisors

Anish Mohammed, PhD
Blockchain Advisor

Technologist with a multidisciplinary background who is passionate about technology. Worked as a researcher in security/cryptography both in industry and academia, with deep expertise in Blockchain and Cryptography.

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Jean-Claude Marian, PhD
Investor, Art Market Advisor

Founder and former CEO of ORPEA, a leading European player in global dependency care. A renowned art collector, with interests ranging from Antiquities to Primitive Art, Modern Art and Contemporary Art.

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Michael Cebo
Strategic Business Advisor

Executive with over 10 years of experience within Fintech business development in fixed income products and OTC markets. Background in pricing data commercialization and the pricing of financial opaque assets.

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Julia Scala
ICO Advisor

Renowned crypto thought leader with strong networks in Japan, China, Hong Kong and the US.

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Ruth Catlow
Art Market & Blockchain Advisor

Internationally recognised expert in art, technology and collaborative practices. Co-director of the UK’s first dedicated digital arts organization, Furtherfield. A leader in blockchain development for the cultural sector, she has over 30 years of experience producing public art programs and academic research projects investigating network cultures.

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Piotr Warchoł, PhD
Data Science Advisor

Theoretical physicist and data science practitioner. He brings his experience from working on business-oriented data science projects. He teaches machine learning at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

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Frédéric-Charles Petit
Investor, Data Technology Advisor

Founder of Toluna and art collector. He brings insight on the latest research and technology for decision making and consumer insights. A renowned art collector.

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Richard Kastelein
ICO Advisor

Founder of Blockchain News, partner at CryptoAssets Design Group, director at Blockchain Partners and ICO Expert at ICObench. Award-winning publisher & entrepreneur bringing experience in the ICO field.

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Louis-Christophe Laurent
Business Advisor

Successful entrepreneur and Co-founder and President of GL Trade, the world’s leading provider of financial trading software. A leading figure in European finance, he is also a passionate art collector.

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François Blanc
Art Market and Communication Advisor

Founder and CEO of Communic’Art, a communication strategy and e-reputation agency specialized in the art market.

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Christophe Gaillard
Art Market Advisor

Founder and CEO of the International Art Gallery Christophe Gaillard in Paris.

Franck Levy
Business Advisor

With 10 years of experience in finance markets under his belt, he became entrepreneur and investor. Partner of an aesthetic laboratory and European distributor of their product Silhouette-lift, in charge of team management and sales. Strongly interested in cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

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Wlodek Laskowski
Business Advisor

Seasoned investment banker turned serial entrepreneur and VC, with two decades of experience in growing start-ups. Particularly interested in bringing disruption to opaque asset classes.

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Q1 2018 Soft launch of the cataloguing platform Arteïa Collect
October 2018 Arteïa Collect SaaS official release
November 2018 Partnership with Cahiers d’Art for digital catalogues raisonnés on the blockchain
December 2018 Partnership with Eeckman Art & Insurance
June 2019 Ethereum Provenance Tracker
June 2019 Matching Service
June 2019 Lending Service
End of Q2 2019/Early Q3 Token Sale
Ongoing work on the improvement of decentralized services and catalogues raisonnés on the blockchain


One of the Big Four, providing us with advisory and tax services and facilitating conversation with the regulator.

Havas Group's solution for crypto and blockchain projects, supporting us in strategy and delivery of global communications.

One of the most renowned insurers of the works of art in Europe and our strategic partner.

Luxembourg’s public - private sector initiative dedicated to fintech start-ups, with Arteïa as a member since 2016.

Technology partner, supporting us with issuing digital tokens in a secure, regulation compliant manner.

Renowned community managers, providing instant support to all interested in our project across all channels.

KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship, a start-up fintech incubator located in Luxembourg, which Arteïa has been a part of since the very beginning in 2016.

French famous artistic and literary journal, a publishing house, and our partner in offering digital catalogue raisonnés of renowned artists on the blockchain.


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